Interior Redesign is the art of repurposing your existing furniture and accessories to emphasize the most
efficient use of space and give your home that designer look. Interior Redesign is a cost-effective
alternative to conventional Interior Design, because we use furniture, artwork and accessories you
already own and love to create a whole new look and feel for your space. And best of all, a typical
interior redesign often takes less than one day!

We will visit your home for a one-on-one consultation to discuss how you would like your room(s)
to function. At the time of the redesign, the room will be completely cleared of furniture, accessories
and art work.  We will then guide you through a process of elimination. This is required to help
eliminate some of your belongings that may not work in the room that you are redecorating.  Next,
furniture pieces will be brought back in to set the mood and focal point of the room. Then comes the
fun stuff - we will "shop" your house for accessories and art, which will be placed to create a revitalized
new living area to give you a room that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional - all with a
designer's touch!

Interior Redesign fees are $
225 for the first two hours and $90/hr thereafter, billed in 15-min increments.
Interior Redesign
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