1. Make the front entrance inviting.  If the front yard or entry way looks unkempt, buyers may not even
make it in the door!
Cut back old shrubbery, and add a layer of mulch or pinestraw to your planting beds.
Fresh paint and new hardware make a great first impression for buyers.

2. Clear away clutter.  This is crucial!  Clutter makes it difficult for buyers to see your house because
they are distracted by all the stuff in it.
Remember, they are buying the house, not your things.

3. Clean the house thoroughly.  Have a professional cleaning company come in and do a deep cleaning.  
Don't forget to have the outside cleaned too - pressure wash the house, walkways, driveway and any
outside furniture so that it looks its best.

4. Freshen rooms with paint.  Fresh paint in a neutral color is one of the least expensive investments you
can make. Rooms should flow, so keep colors in the same palette

5. Arrange furniture for spaciousness.  Most rooms have too much furniture.  Edit down to the
necessities and arrange the furniture so buyers can walk into each room easily.

6. Remove odors.  You can't sell it if you can smell it!  You may not notice animal, smoke or food smells
because you live with t
hem every day. Covering them up with air fresheners and plug-ins often makes it
worse. Use enzyme cleaners to remove the smells instead.

7. Perform minor repairs.  Buyers want a house that is move-in ready!

8. Replace outdated light fixtures.  This is another inexpensive improvement that will give you a good
return on your investment.
Choose oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel instead of brass.

9. Clean the carpets.  Have a professional company clean and stretch the carpets to make them look new
and fresh.
If they are more than 10 years old or have permanent stains, replace them.

10. Don't forget the basement & garage.  If you use these areas for storage, make sure they're clean and
tidy with boxes and bins stacked neatly.
Home Staging Tips
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